Monday, June 4, 2012

For the Thrill of the Ride - a poem

June 4, 2012 – For the Thrill of the Ride

The grains roll across each other into mountains of sand
Grand, endless,
Innumerable as the stars in the sky.
We ride them like the waves of the sea.
A dropping of the stomach
An intake of breath
Speed that zings gnat bites of sand against my face
That blows cooling desert air to goose bump my arms
That snatches laughter from my soul and sends it out across the darkening world.

Muses sought after and seldom found, captured, or known
Take me as theirs.
And I ride in their arms,

Watch the sun set behind the dunes that I’ve never known
I loved so much
Watch the sun set down behind the dunes
and think this
is one of the most perfect moments of my life.

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