Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Shining

March 20, 2014 – The Shining

I’ve neither read nor seen Stephen King’s The Shining. But as I prepare for my upcoming trip to Wyoming I’m becoming well acquainted with the story. I’m hearing a lot of jokes about redrum, writing/writers, and creepy (wait, there’s another kind?) possession by demon spirits. Fortunately (for any potential victims), I will be on my own. For in two weeks I will take what warm clothes and light-packing entertainment I can and head into Northwestern Wyoming to caretake a remote and snowed-in property.

It’s an introvert’s dream.

It’s a writer’s perfect get-away.

No other people. No TV distractions. Short spurts of internet access. No cell service. I’ll be snow-machined into the property!

I’m counting down the days.  

There are fourteen.

My ace in the hole when I’m relating my adventure to people and I see their eyes widen as they try to imagine being alone for themselves or are watching (in their mind’s eyes) the endless ways I’ll die while on my own is to say, “But don’t worry, it’s not a grizzly area.” Because that’s reassuring. Because I’ve been told the grizzlies don’t frequent the area (or maybe it’s just that they’ll be hibernating, or waking from hibernation?). It’s too high for bears. I’ve been told. On another note, I’m hoping that if there are packs of wolves that they’ll be werewolves and become my friends. Because that would be really cool. Much less scary than a rabid pack of wolves that circles the lodge and keeps me imprisoned until my canned food runs out and I burn up the last stick of chopped wood for the fireplace. Either way it’ll make for a great story later. If I survive.  

But don’t worry, guys, I bought a book called How To Stay Alive in The Woods and I’m almost finished reading it. Everything will be just fine.

My The Shining days will last for just over two months. I don’t fear insanity. What I really fear is that the days will fly by too quickly. Since I already talk to myself, inanimate objects, animate objects, and etc… I can’t imagine that isolated solitude can do anything worse to my already quirky personality. Right.

Maybe I should pack a volleyball just in case.  …Nah, that can be my summer adventure.  


  1. It's sounds like you'll need to switch to DirecTV. Don't get imprisoned until your canned food runs out and burn up the last stick of chopped wood for the fireplace. Switch to DirecTV.

  2. Wow. That sounds like a heck of an adventure! Good luck with your new direction in life, and I hope it works out well for you. Just be careful out there on your own, and enjoy it for all it's worth!